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  • »smileCompact«

    • Damavand 1A-C6
    Our latest highlight, you can experience live at the fair: The new tool presetter »smileCompact« is the "mini-must-have" for metal-cutting companies. Ideal for small companies or as a second device for simple, efficient tool presetting of standard tools. This entry-level model scores with unrivaled cost-effectiveness at maximum performance. »smileCompact« is part of the new ZOLLER tool presetter design series and has unequaled ergonomics. Robust, space-saving, and flexible — it can be placed dir…
  • Accurate - SEAGULL

    • Damavand 1A-D14
    Accurate - Complete 3D Measuring Solutions   Example machine: Accurate - SEAGULL Precision measuring machine for measurement in shop floor. A machine is designed for inline inspection of components. Machine is compatible for both contact and non- contact measurement. Easy access on three sides for facilitating automation for loading and unloading components.   Features: • Fit to operate in shop floor environment • Available in single or double machine configuration • High precision linear guide…
  • ANCA Tool Grinding Machines

    Product of ANCA Europe GmbH
    • Damavand 1A-E1
  • Assembly Machines

    Special machine for the automatic assembly of valves. We offer solutions for semi automatic, robotized and full automatic assembly machines to automatize the assembly processes.
  • ATC

    • Damavand 1A-G5
    Indexing devices with top precision. ATC the new flexible, compact, high performance models from Peiseler. Modern styling and attractive pricing characterize these NC units. Basis for the success is the complete drive train optimization, applying consistent design principals throughout the synchronized series sizing and their 5 axis machining. The design structure with a service friendly objective enables a fast and easy rebuild by in-house maintenance staff. We will gladly assist with ins…
  • Automatic line for alloy wheels

    • Damavand 1A-B6
    Today IMT Intermato S.p.A. keeps its leading position in the alloy wheels field and offers an overview of modular machines dedicated to the machining in the field of general engineering, oil and gas, energy, nuclear and aerospace industries with vertical lathes with a turning diameter up to 7 meters. The production of machines for the light alloy wheel machining is still the main application area. IMT Intermato S.p.A. counts thousands of machines and of automatic lines installed at the main pr…
  • Automatic Straightening machines

    Product of Galdabini S.p.A.
    • Damavand 1A-C11
    Our PAS vertical straighteners are electromechanical machines designed for straightening short and medium length shafts. Their C-shaped frame and the movable table holding workpieces are two important features which are ideal for producing large quantities of parts as well as small batches.
  • BA 322

    • Damavand 1A-F14
    BA 322. Comes as a single- or twin-table machine with two or four spindles. Optionally available as a 4- or 5-axis machine for complete workpiece machining. Even the 4-satellite planetary table is now equipped with 4 autonomous torque motors for increased accuracy. From small series to high-volume production. Advanced, but proven, high-level technology. For complex workpieces made of different materials. Modular clamping fixtures designed and manufactured by SW, stiff and reliable. Productivity.…
  • Band Saw Machine

    • Damavand 1A-C8
    Semi Auto Miter , Auto miter , Semi Auto Straight , Auto Straight, Bundle cutting  

    Product of Blohm Jung GmbH
    • Damavand 1A-F8
    The PLANOMAT HP combines reproducible precision and powerful speed with high flexibility – the ideal combination for efficient profile grinding. The robust, inherently stiff design with 3-point installation ensures the exactness of the modular PLANOMAT HP machines. A driving power of up to 24 kW combined with high-precision, digitised ball-type drives guarantees high infeed speeds and accelerations. Table speeds of up to 40 metres per minute reduce grinding times and increase productivity. Almos…
  • BUDERUS ModuLine

    • Damavand 1A-D6
    Complete machining (I.D. and O.D. grinding and hard turning) including bore honing for rotation-symmetrical components
  • CAPTIS CLAMPING SYSTEM - The modular and flexible system for internal and external clamping

    Product of Röhm GmbH
    • Damavand 1A-G16
    The new, modularly designed CAPTIS clamping system is very impressive with its high level of flexibility and compact design for an enlarged working space. In less than a minute, a quick conversion from external to internal clamping can be implemented thanks to its innovative and patent-pending rapid-change function. The encompassing clamping of the CAPTIS collets features proven RÖHM quality with its high concentricity and repeatability of 0.005 mm and excellent force distribution. CAPTIS COLLE…