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Via Levico 25 /A
35035 Mestrino (PADOVA)

  • Hall A A5-G7

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Product description

KOMPACT is a high precision plasma cutting and/or oxy-fuel cutting machine, and can be equipped with one or more plasma units 2D or Bevel and/or one or more 2D oxy-fuel cutting units. The machine can also be equipped with a drilling unit ISO 30 with 6 tools or ISO 40 with 12 tools and an automatic tool change. KOMPACT can be equipped for cutting circular section tubes diam. 80-600 mm and length up to 12 meters.

The process is granted by double mechanization with brushless motors, and an epicycloidal gear motor with reduced play. The axes movement is based on two guides with circulating spheres moved by racks and pinions. Range Y axis from 1.500 to 5.000, and X axis from 3.000 to 60.000.

KOMPACT has been designed to meet the requirements of a market mainly addressed to the sheet metal cutting of medium thickness, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys.