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  • Hall A A5-G7

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Product description

2 Uprights Hydraulic press model G2
2 or 4 uprights drawing on the basis of the tables dimension and the related free frontal and side spaces, so to access the stamping area and the machine power, starting from 600 up to 30.000 kN. The dimensions of the tables can reach up to 6 meters wide and 3 meters depth. On the basis of the strength and size, the structure is monolithic or composite and hydraulically compressed by tie-rod. The
G2 model covers all the hydraulic press's sectors and application processes both traditional and innovative. In particular, the use of multiple molds, elasto-forming, production of stainless steel parts for the household and appliance sectors, thermosetting, compression (SMC and Carbon) for automotive, in particular for the production of aluminum and other alloys for aviation and aerospace, and finally, for the molding of composite materials.
Production of aluminum and other alloys parts for Avio and Aero-space, and finally, for the molding of composite materials.
C-frame Hydraulic press model GTP
Hydraulic presses type GTP are from 700 up to 3,000 kN for semi and profoudn deep-drawing operations within the household and cookware with aluminum sheet metal (high production rates) and stainless steel, inverse-deepdrawing, bending, surface deformations as the "embossing" (Embossing), and finally, for composite materials molding. The frontal open structure allows automation and flexibility of drawing line that are not applicable to other structures. Furthermore, it appears frontally more compact and with a lower total height.