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Harbin Dong'an Lifeng Cutter Co., Ltd.

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Phone: +86 45 186 818743
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Exhibitor profile

Harbin Dongan Lifeng cutter Co., Ltd., founded in 2 0 0 3,engaged in customized cutting tool designing and manufacturing . Products are mainly involved in areas including aero-engine, automotive engines and heavy steam turbines,also providing a whole solution .
In 2 0 1 7, our company through numerous experiments, proofread and review, structure size and the reasonable parameters of the development of high precision solid carbide rod type, disc type gear shaper cutter, meet the requirements of market and customers, to provide a stable and efficient tool for customers.In order to cope with the processing of hard working materials, our company has developed solid carbide small modulus gear shaper cutter.
The use of Carbide Gear Shaper Cutter shortens the machining time, reduces the number of tool changing, solves the problem of slow gear shaping, and the common industry defects of machining hard working materials of aero-engine. Through the optimization of material, parameters, coating and processing technology, the speed of gear cutting efficiency is realized.
The hub drill for our customers is optimized on the basis of the original three pieces of carbide inserts. The new design structure is made of monolithic alloy and manufactured by means of the advantages of the CNC tool grinder (good product stability). The life of the tool and the brightness of the machined surface have been guaranteed, which has been recognized by the customer.
Sincerely welcome customers from home and abroad to visit our company!

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