Automatic line for alloy wheels

Product of IMT Intermato S.p.A.

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  • Hall A A5-F3

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Product description

Today IMT Intermato S.p.A. keeps its leading position in the alloy wheels field and offers an overview of modular machines dedicated to the machining in the field of general engineering, oil and gas, energy, nuclear and aerospace industries with vertical lathes with a turning diameter up to 7 meters.
The production of machines for the light alloy wheel machining is still the main application area. IMT Intermato S.p.A. counts thousands of machines and of automatic lines installed at the main producers around the world.
The range of these machines starts from the 2-axis lathe for sizes up to 20 " and reaches  the 4-axes vertical lathe with pallet for production of truck-wheels.  IMT Intermato S.p.A. vertical lathes are thought, designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality and safety and they are the best with reference to productivity, quality of the machining and life-time. Due to this reason, the machines are also ideal for insertion into automatic lines of production, that are also designed, manufactured and installed by IMT Intermato S.p.A. The proposed solutions are various in order to meet the different needs of its customers and they start from the simplest ones where the target is to minimize the setup timing, up to more complex solutions to maximize productivity.
To complete the range of machines for wheels, IMT Intermato S.p.A. has designed the machine Mirror for superfinishing of the front wheel which ensures the standards of highest quality and the machine WB24 (patented by IMT Intermato S.p.A.), which is able to correct the unbalance, and to drastically reduce the quantity of scrap wheels due to this problem.
The production philosophy of IMT Intermato S.p.A. is represented by the constant engagement to improve its products, to develop  new solutions in direct contact with the customers to find and solving their needs as close as possible.

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